Jokers ~ Tour of Cheshire - 29th September 2018

Final   2018-09-29 19:52:11

Shows worst road regularity lateness penalty cancelled.

226IRTC X3
425IRTC C7
514IRTC C6
6169IRTC F3
7181IRTC X3
8120IRTC X3
935IRTC X1
1074IRTC H6
1143IRTC X3
1216IRTC E3
1325IRTC F5
1495IRTC B2
15123IRTC H6
1664IRTC A1
17273IRTC H6
1882IRTC X3
19180IRTC C7
2065IRTC C4
2140IRTC H4
2263IRTC B2
2354IRTC B1
2423IRTC E2
25300IRTC C4
26177IRTC C7
27157IRTC C4
28118IRTC X3
29100IRTC C7
30125IRTC C4
31145IRTC C4
32173IRTC H6
33104IRTC C4
3446IRTC F3
3541IRTC C7
36122IRTC X3
37179IRTC C4
38140IRTC A1
39180IRTC C4
40130IRTC H4
41220IRTC F5
42254IRTC F4
4459IRTC B1
4571IRTC C4
4712IRTC A1
48216IRTC C7
4991IRTC A3
50300IRTC F4
51164IRTC A2
5265IRTC C4
53300IRTC C4
54132IRTC H4
55121IRTC C4
5689IRTC B2
5760IRTC B2
58145IRTC C4
59287IRTC F4
6189IRTC C4
62300IRTC X1
63177IRTC C4
64168IRTC A2
65300IRTC C4
66300IRTC F3
67300IRTC E2
68300IRTC H8
69151IRTC C7
70300IRTC X3
72198IRTC F2
73297IRTC X1
74195IRTC C2
75293IRTC H1
7671IRTC C6

Results for each point should start to appear from these times on the 28th September:
Lunch Halt12:15

Tour of Cheshire

Knutsford Motor Club

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