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South Hams Autocross ~ 5th/6th September 2020

Entry Form

Please enter the event using this form, and then pay following the instructions on the next page.
You will appear in the entry list as a pending entry immediately, and as an accepted entry once the Entries Secretary has received your payment and verified your entry is complete.

Held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions (including bulletins) that the organising club may issue for the event.

Undertakings & Indemnities as required by Motorsport UK GR D13.1 to D13.1.5 are included on the Official Signing-On Forms for the event, also by submission of the Entry Form you agree to abide by Motorsport UK Regulations and any written instructions issued for the event.

Any competitor who is under 18 MUST declare so on this Entry Form and the relevant Parent/Guardian will then be required to conform to Motorsport UK D13.1.1(c).

To allow you to update your entry details later.

It is important that this is correct.
1CF - 1st Choice Finishes Autocross Championship

Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
No   Yes

Driver - Persons to contact in case of serious accident to Driver
No   Yes

No   Yes
No   Yes
TBA    A1    A2    B    C    D    E1    E2    F    G1    G2    
A1 - Standard Production up to 1600cc
A2 - As per Class A1 but over 1600cc
B - Modified Production Based Cars up to 1400cc
C - As per Class B but over 1400cc up to 1650cc
D - As per Class B but over 1650cc
E1 - Specials
E2 - All Four Wheel Drive Vehicles
F - Junior Autocross
G1 - Stage Rally Cars – 2wd – up to 1600cc
G2 - Stage Rally Cars – 2wd – over 1600cc

Interclub    Clubmans    
Interclub - Interclub
Clubmans - Clubmans

Entry - £125     (up to 30th August 2020 23:59)
Junior Entry - £40     (up to 30th August 2020 23:59)

Not Needed   Single Membership - £15   Household Membership - £20  
Bank Payment  Card (via PayPal) 
Payment details will be displayed after the entry is submitted

If a required field is not filled in, the form will scroll to that field so you can complete it before trying to submit the entry again.

Entry System available from Tony Michael