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Signing-on will be available here
from 15th November 2023 9:00
to 15th December 2023 20:00
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The Preston ~ 16/17th December 2023

Entry Form

Please enter the event using this form, and then pay following the instructions on the next page.

You will appear in the entry list as an accepted entry once the Entries Secretary has received your payment and verified your entry is complete.

Held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions (including bulletins) that the organising club may issue for the event.

Undertakings & Indemnities as required by Motorsport UK GR D13.1 to D13.1.5 are included on the Official Signing-On Forms for the event, also by submission of the Entry Form you agree to abide by Motorsport UK Regulations and any written instructions issued for the event.

Any Competitor who is under 18 MUST declare so on this Entry Form and the relevant Parent/Guardian will then be required to conform to Motorsport UK D13.1.1(c).

Entries will not be considered for acceptance until full payment has been received and the entry form is complete.

We do not recognise TBA, TBC, 0 or other such variants; this will not be classed as a completed entry.
To allow you to update your entry details, and to access the online signing-on form later. Keep a note of this.

It is important that this is correct.

Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
No   Yes

Persons to contact in case of serious accident to Driver
Including Postcode
No   Yes

It is important that this is correct.

Navigator's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
No   Yes

Persons to contact in case of serious accident to Navigator
Including Postcode
No   Yes

No   Yes
TBA    E    SE    N    
E - Experts: Either crew member having finished in the top 5 of a similar or higher status event.
SE - Semi-Experts: Those crews not eligible for classes E or N.
N - Novices: Neither crew member having won an award other than a team, marque or finisher’s award, on an event of National B or higher status.

Past Performance

Please detail the most recent relevant results.
Event       Year       Status       Overall Position       Class Position.
Where would you expect to be seeded out of 90?

Own Insurance  REIS - £29 

I am aged 19 or over
I have held a full UK Driving Licence for a minimum of six months
I have had no more than one fault claim in the last three years
I have no more than a maximum of six conviction points or a licence ban on my UK driving licence
My vehicle has a valid MOT Certificate & Road Fund Licence (unless exempt) and is Insured for the road
I am a named driver on my road insurance policy

If you choose No, you will be sent a Declaration Form to complete.
If not using the event REIS insurance.


Entry - £225     (up to 9th December 2023 12:00)
Bank Payment 
Payment details will be displayed after the entry is submitted

If a required field is not filled in, the form will scroll to that field so you can complete it before trying to submit the entry again.

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