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from 27th April 2021 9:00
to 8th May 2021 12:00

Spring Sprint ~ 9th May 2021

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Please enter the event using this form, and then pay following the instructions on the next page.
You will appear in the entry list as a pending entry immediately, and as an accepted entry once the Entries Secretary has received your payment and verified your entry is complete.

Held under the General Regulations of Motorsport UK (incorporating the provisions of the International Sporting Code of the FIA), these Supplementary Regulations and any written instructions (including bulletins) that the organising club may issue for the event.

Undertakings & Indemnities as required by Motorsport UK GR D13.1 to D13.1.5 are included on the Official Signing-On Forms for the event, also by submission of the Entry Form you agree to abide by Motorsport UK Regulations and any written instructions issued for the event.

Any competitor who is under 18 MUST declare so on this Entry Form and the relevant Parent/Guardian will then be required to conform to Motorsport UK D13.1.1(c).

Entries will not be considered for acceptance until full payment has been received and the entry form is complete.

To allow you to update your entry details; and for Driver and Navigator to each access the online signing-on form later.

It is important that this is correct.
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AE    CS    BM    B19    7S    WS    HC    MS    TR    GO    RS    
AE - AEMC/ASEMC Speed Championship
CS - ACSMC Sprint Championship Sponsored by Hamilton Classic Ltd
BM - BARC Midlands Championships
B19 - GF & Co Borough 19 MC Speed Championship
7S - Insite Graphics Sevenoaks & DMC Speed League
MS - Morgan Sports CC
TR - TR Register Championships
GO - Ginetta Owners Club Championship
RS - RSSOC Speed Championship

Driver's Parent or Guardian (under 18 only)
No   Yes

Persons to contact in case of serious accident to Driver
No   Yes

No   Yes
No   Yes
TBA    Petrol    Diesel    Petrol Hybrid    Diesel Hybrid    Electric    Other    
TBA    A1    A2    A3    A4    A5    A6    A7    A8    B9    B10    B11    B12    B13    C14    C15    D16    D17    E18    E19    E20    E21    FA1    FA2    FA3    
A. Standard Cars (S.11.1), Road Cars (Series Production S.12.1.1) and Road Cars (Specialist Production S.12.1.2)
Excluding cars in Appendix 1
A1. ‘Standard Cars’: up to 1600cc, 2wd only, list 1A tyres
A2. ‘Standard Cars’: from 1601cc to 2000cc, 2wd only, list 1A tyres
A3. Up to 1600cc, 2wd only, list 1A or 1B tyres
A4. From 1601cc to 2300cc, 2wd only, list 1A or 1B tyres
A5. 2301cc and over, 2wd only, list 1A or 1B tyres
A6. 4wd of all engine capacities, with list 1A or 1B tyres.

Road-Going Kit Type and Replica Cars (including cars in Appendix 1)
A7. Up to 1800cc, excluding Motorcycle-engined cars. list 1A or 1B tyres
A8. Over 1800cc, including Motorcycle-engined cars, list 1A or 1B tyres

B. Modified Series /Specialist Production (S.13.1/S.13.2), Rally Cars conforming to R.46 to R.49 and Rallycross Cars & derivatives conforming to N.6 - Excluding those listed in Appendix 1:
B9. Up to 1400cc
B10. From 1401cc to 2000cc
B11. 2001cc and over

Kit Type and Replica Cars (including cars in Appendix 1)
B12. Up to 2000cc
B13. 2001cc and over plus all motorcycle engined cars

C. Sports Libre Cars (S.14.1)
C14. Sports Libre Cars up to 1800cc, motorcycle engined cars up to 1100cc
C15. Sports Libre Cars over 1800cc, motorcycle engined cars over 1100cc.

D. Racing Cars (S.15.1.1) and Hill Climb Super Sports Cars
D16. Up to 1100cc plus racing cars conforming to ‘Formula Ford’ specifications
D17. 1101cc and over

E: Marque Classes (Log books may be required to comply with Motorsport UK regulations)
E19. Reliant Scimitar & Sabre Owners Club
E20. TR Register
E21. Morgan Sports Car Club

F: Allcomers (Any other vehicle. Log books may be required to comply with Motorsport UK regs)
FA1 - Appendix 1 (Two-seater road-going kit-type and replica cars)
Caterham, Westfield, Sylva, Fisher, Lotus 7, Elise, Exige, 340R, Vauxhall 220, X- Bow and similar derivatives.

FA2 - Appendix 2 (Standard Cars)
Defined in S11.1 Applies to those cars made after 01/01/2000.

FA3 - Appendix 3
Formula Ford racing cars using Kent, Zetec or Duratec engines. All vehicles must comply with the appropriate
Formula Ford technical regulations approved by Motorsport UK for that particular car and year of production.

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Interclub Entry - £90     (up to 30th April 2021 12:00)
Interclub HCA&AC Members - £85     (up to 30th April 2021 12:00)
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